A Seuss’ian Zoem – by Jonathan Lemon


People who cycle
have various goals:
from racing to fitness
or avoiding car tolls.

Spinning those pedals
and turning that chain
should be merry and fun
but is sometimes a pain.

To ride in the rain
in a soaking downpour
that chills to the bone
and makes riding a chore.

Avoiding the dangers
of multi ton cars
whose drivers are texting
while homeward from bars.

Or hazardous thorns
with perilous spikes
which puncture and rend
the tubes on your bike.

The summer’s sun scorching
which blisters unseen
because you were careless
applying sunscreen.

Outside is not pleasant
as riding inside
in comfort and warmth
with coffee besides.

By training indoors
these things are laid low
but boredom approaches
along with the snow.

Zwift has created
a way to make tame
converting this training
into a fun game.

For workouts that strain
for a personal best
presuming you did
your FTP test.

As breathing gets ragged
and heartbeats do pound
throughout on the course
going round and around.

Sweat will pool and puddle
underneath your bike
while on screen you’re riding
your virtual trike.

From Richmond to Jarvis
are courses to ride
with terrain that varies
and squirrels that hide.

The kit is varied, so
jerseys collect
from Strava and Kona
to Jaguar and Trek.

We set Everest records
for riding uphill
While races are speedy
and spin out downhill.

The races are present
and Cats get to play
to challenge each other
in a virtual way.

We climb and we sprint
there are jeresys replete
for orange, green or dots
the riders compete.

Endurance rides increase
as riders get fit
or centuries repeated
for black and grey kit.

The weekends are social
with friendly group rides
which people can join
and RideOn with pride.

Convenient training
means fitness is greater.
As all good Zwifters know:
Zwift now, win later!

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