The Zwift Community of Riders

This page is intended to be the main directory list, linking to the biographies of our riders, racers, enthusiasts and other community members. I’m sure I’ve forgotten many names below, but this is just the start!

The Zwift Team

  • Eric Min
  • Charlie Issendorf
  • Jon Mayfield
  • Eric Chon
  • …and many others

The Zwift Community

  • Michael Neal
  • Frank Garcia
  • Julynn Washington
  • James Gill
  • Nathan Guerra
  • Elise Burchett
  • Jonathan Lemon
  • Scottie Weiss
  • Karissa Bramhall Minn
  • Mark Minn
  • Rachel Ruby Zambrano
  • John Mora
  • Shane Miller
  • Declan McGlone
  • …and hundreds of others