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Human-Powered Aircraft Flight Simulator

Have any of you seen a human-powered aircraft before?


As a cyclist and a long-time lover of aviation, I thought it might be cool to develop a flight simulator for human-powered aircraft that would use a stationary bicycle setup much like Zwift does.

At present, human-powered aircraft in real life have been built for engineering challenges rather than for recreation or sport, but the Icarus Cup held annually at Lasham Airfield in Hampshire County of the UK wants to change this (  Additionally, some teams around the globe are striving to construct an aircraft that could be suitable for sport purposes.  The aircraft must be unpacked from a transport container, assembled, take-off under muscle power only, fly a triangular course in moderate winds, land safely, and be disassembled within a time limit.

A human-powered aircraft fight simulator could serve multiple purposes:

  1. Give cyclists another potentially fun and challenging indoor activity.
  2. Promote the emerging sport of human-powered aircraft.
  3. Teach prospective pilots how to fly these kinds of aircraft.
  4. Keep veteran pilot’s flying skills (and fitness) sharp when weather conditions are poor or when aircraft are not available.

If there was a game available that could give you your bike workout by flying and racing virtual planes, would you buy it?